These are only suggestions, we can and will perform all of these tasks if you desire. If you are on a tight budget like the rest of us are, these are great tips to save time. As we all know Time equals money, and our goal is for you to keep as much of it in your pocket as possible. 

  • Have all Small Items Packed in sealed Boxes
  • Have all Boxes Staged in One Room or The Garage For Easy and Quick Loading
  • Disconnect Washer, Dryer, Fridge and all Other Appliances
  • Have ALL Boxes Sealed Top and Bottom
  • Remove Lamp Shades and Bulbs
  • Have Beds Disassembled And ready to go
  • Clearly Label All Boxes and Stack Accordingly
  • Please Unplug All small Appliances the Day Before Moving(Computers, TVs, stereos, microwaves, etc etc) To Reduce Internal Temperature, To Prevent Damage
  • Have a Smile, Relax and We will do the Rest! 

General Packing Tips

  • Limit your boxes and cartons to a maximum of 50 pounds.
  • Wrap items carefully.
  • Use packing paper/newsprint for padding
  • Use boxes that can be securely taped shut.
  • Pack similar weight items together.
  • Label all boxes with your name, original room, destination room, brief description of contents.

Garage Packing Tips

  • Drain power tools of oil and gas.
  • Use old towels to wrap sharp-edged tools
  • For grills, dispose of charcoal and, if applicable, disconnect propane tank. Propane tanks cannot be transported in the moving truck.
  • Keep hardware for disassembled items in small, plastic bags.

Kitchen Packing Tips

  • Dispose of all perishables.
  • Wrap china and glasses separately in clean paper. Use a large amount of paper padding between items in boxes.
  • Pack heavier items such as pots and pans in the bottom of boxes.
  • For large appliances such as refrigerators: clean thoroughly and disconnect all hoses. If necessary, have a licensed technicians disconnect the appliance (in the case of gas ranges).

Bedroom Packing Tips

  • Hanging clothing can be transported in large wardrobe cartons available from us. If wardrobe boxes are not used, fold and pack clothing in suitcases or boxes lined with clean paper.
  • Use a large, clean plastic bag for packing linens in boxes. Linens and bedding can be used as cushioning for boxes.
  • Mirrors should be packed in special cartons.
  • If you like, have your area rugs cleaned before moving. You'll receive them rolled in a form easy for transport.

Living Room Packing Tips

  • Pack books of the same size together in a box. Do not overload boxes.
  • Lamp shades are particularly fragile. Pack with clean paper and place in a box at least two inches large than shade diameter. Label the box "Lamp Shades - Fragile - Top Load Only."
  • For stereo equipment, secure as appropriate for disc players and turntables. Consult your manual.
  • Couch pillows can be packed in large boxes.
  • For large items such as pianos or pool tables, a qualified professional should assist you with moving preparations.